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50 Shades of Grey. Really?

 In my last post I wrote about “ taking stock ”, about things that were happening in my world and to give you more of an insight to me. I also mentioned that I had to “bookmark” a date night. It had been far too long since Steve and I went on a date. So on Monday, I asked my mama to watch my lovelies after work so we could spend some quality time together, not talking to each other in a dark cinema for two hours! Ha! Here we are! Date Night! Woop woop! And with all the hype, circulation of reviews and also curiosity I booked our $7 tickets to see 50 Shades of Grey. I had read all 3 of the books when they first came out. Mainly I was intrigued as to what the big deal was with them, and also I hadn’t read a book for pure enjoyment in a long time. To say that I was disappointed with the literature writing and quality is an understatement. To say that it was an effort to get through event the first book due to the repetitiveness and lack of interesting story line would be spot on.

Taking Stock

 So Pip from  Meet me at Mikes  wrote a post recently about what was currently happening in her life, as did Kayte from  Woogs World . And, I thought I'd get on the band wagon and fill you all lovely people in on what's happening in my corner. It's like having a deep and meaningful with me, but culled down to five minutes. So, let's do it!     Making : Headway with driving a big car. You see, we recently sold my zippy Mazda 3 to help with our renovation funds and I now drive the "beast" aka Steves baby - The Patrol. I reversed into a teeny tiny car park today for Jacks paediatrician appointment. It took 7 goes to get into the spot, but I did it! (Thank you reverse camera and parking sensors!) Mama's driving the big car! They looked a bit scared, don't they??   Cooking : More and more. Which that shit is a serious "high 5" to me. As I would rather clean toilets than cook. I am very slowly, slowly starting to enjoy it. Drinking :

I had cancer last year. And it fucking sucked

   Cancer. One word that you never want to hear. A word that starts with C. Cervical Cancer. A double word with C. It’s a fucking horrible word. I’d even prefer the other C word, to the dismay of my Mother; I have a gutter mouth at times but a heart of gold. However many stories that you hear, it doesn’t even matter whether you know someone that has had cancer, nothing can prepare you for when a doctor tells you the news that you do. Your world literally stops. And everything goes into slow motion. The things that you thought were important – some of them become irrelevant and your mortality – which I never really thought about becomes an issue that becomes so close to the front of your mind. Shit. Fuck. Shit. God. Ladies, seriously! I KNOW! That life gets in the way. I KNOW , that we are run ragged just to make sure that the bills are paid, groceries are done, jobs need to be attended to but for god’s sake, PLEASE make that appointment to get a pap smear. I forgot, put if