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50 things about me

  A few months have passed now since i started my blog and i thought i'd share with you some facts that you may or may not know about me.  Alot of bloggers put a post up like this - so that we can give you a little insight to who we are, what we like and dont like and basically to share that we are just like you!  So here goes.. my 50 facts about me.   I LOVE Summer! And this is most probably at number 1 - because i have not felt my toes since i got out of bed this morning where i woke up to a freezing 3 degrees!  Coffee is my salvation! I love it, adore it, it makes everything a bit better I'm a Virgo - which apparently means that i should be super organised and a type A personality ( they really should review this after having children ) as Steve believes i've turned into a bit of a fairy since having kids! I was born with pneumonia I love reality tv - i know it's hard to admit it but i cant wait for little Jack to go to bed where i can then look up all my s