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The Crash of The Grief

    Be authentic.   Be. Authentic.   That is what every blogging forum, blogging Facebook group and most Blogging conferences say is one of the most important things to be when setting up a blog. The other is to find your niche. I’m not sure what my niche is, as I write about what is going on in my life. So I guess my niche is my life. In the last year, I have spent quite a bit of time building my blog, writing and putting my heart and soul out onto this Internet space and I have really loved the process. I have also been aware that the best way to be, is to be me on here, and with that comes honest, unedited posts (except spelling) with the occasional cursing and have the style of my writing the way that I talk, so If you met me in person – I would hope that the person that you were reading about, is the person that you would be chatting to over a coffee. Or wine. Preferably wine. There are dangers though when you do start a blog. The intent in the beginning is always to be e

My best mate

 Bliss and Mayhem – my  online space that I created to fuel my love of writing turns 1! Can you believe it??!! I can’t . I have never really ever stuck with a hobby for more than a couple of months – this must be a sign of more good things to come. And thank you. All of you, so very much for stopping by and checking out this little space. The support, comments and love that I have felt through this process has been overwhelming. During this time I have written about so many things, snippets of my journey raising my Autistic boy, juggling full-time work with raising 2 kids, my ever evolving journey to better health, happier life and living each day in it’s most awesomeness – with lots of drops of the naughty word, because that’s me! And you would have read little references to the man in my life, my best mate and forever person, Steve. He’s pretty amazing and by golly we have been on such a ride since the day we met. We met which feels like decades ago but its coming up to 10 years

Glam yourself... with Glamourflage!

  This post has been proudly gifted by Glamourflage   I swear if there were marketing “gurus” out there that needed people in their “think tanks”  and to test whether products and services would sell, then Ethan and I would be your "go to" team.   I'm admitting that I am absolutely a marketers dream. When Kia brought out one of their ads (see here) my eyes were glued to the tv, watching the mum rapping and rocking away while driving down the street in her Kia. Can you imagine me grooving to Salt n Pepper like I was a rock god in my lounge, hair up in a top knot and in my uggs? I totally was!  The next day I was Googling Kia cars. I’m always up for trying something new, whether I see it advertised on T.V, read it in a mag or online or one of my girlfriends shares with me the latest thing that I sooo need to try. When I was approached to road test some items for Glamourflage skincare, I was curious and excited at the same time. You see, I’ve been going through a

I Choose Water

 I do not understand what is going in our world at the moment. In recent days/ weeks /months such tragedies, loss of human life, bullying and online degradation of people has made me feel extremely uneasy and a “sick in the stomach” feeling that has been niggling at me. It is truly a sad time, and I find it so unfortunate some of the reactions that have been occurring online that I have read. Cruel, mean, hurtful and harming. To me, the beauty of each person on this planet is that we have been created with a brain, a mind that can form ideals, morals, and opinions.  Each and every person is made up so individually and these opinions come from an inherent make up of ours as well as the environment that we have been brought up in, our family life and our own life experience. That is what makes each and every one of us so AMAZING! In our ever-evolving society, we have seen such growth in industrialisation, technological improvements, ways to make our lives “easier”, there aremore th