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Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

  {image courtesy Pinterest} I'm sure all of you have got a few of these.  You know, those people that you could probably count on one hand that just are there no matter what?  Ok cool, so you know what I'm talking about now.  Well I'm pretty lucky on that front, as I have a handful ( about 4) of those people and believe me when I say it, THEY ARE A RARE FIND. {image courtesy Google} I've known her for nearly half my life - we met at work and from the first moment we started chatting we just clicked - you know that feeling that you've known eachother forever?  Yep, one of those moments. Well, she nearly died last week - Nearly FUCKING died! It felt like I had been punched in the stomach when I heard today. I started crying, feeling completely helpless as there was nothing that I could do.  Her husband and little kids must of been out of their mind watching her go into the back of an ambulance off to hospital -  REALLY REALLY SICK. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! She

I am addicted to your Blog

     photo courtesy Flikr credit  rosiekernohan When you enter into the blogging world it really is like how  Fat Mum Slim  says it "going down the rabbit hole". You can get lost and spend hours reading through fellow blogs, clicking through their blog roll list and getting deeper and deeper into the world of posts and updates.  I've always enjoyed reading and writing. Growing up I was what you would consider a "bookworm" with my head always in some novel, escaping into the world on the pages.  I loved jotting down ideas, a bit of poetry and stories and really got into it about 10years ago. Then kids happened. Then working full time happened. A mortgage. And I stopped. My little outlet took a back seat while I addressed Ethan's autism diagnosis when he was 2 years old and life got in the way. And years went past - not really having much time to scratch myself and  poof!  10 years just like that! Earlier this year, i started my  "rabbit hole&quo