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 “A day without laughter is a day wasted.”

Hi'ya. I’m Tess. Just Tess. This is my space on the Internet that has been home to my writing since 2014.

I decided to change my name recently. My previous was Cheryl.

You’d be surprised to learn that I’m in my 30’s. Not my 70’s. My parents decided to give me this name after migrating to Australia from Poland in the 80’s. Perhaps they thought giving me an Anglo-Saxon name would help me assimilate into Australian culture. However, they didn’t really think this through when making my school lunches, as no one really wanted to trade their lunch with mine, which usually consisted of rye bread with liverwurst on it!

I was the youngest Cheryl I know.

So who am I?

Well, I’m probably just like you. I have good points and bad. I have moments of real happiness and have seen some depth of sadness and hopelessness that was truly hard to get out of. In my day job I work in management. People and communications are my thing. I’m married to a pretty nice guy who installed a radio in my car many,many moons ago. We’ve been together ever since. Two people call me Mum. My eldest boy is 14 {nearly 15} years old and he has Autism. It took 8 years to go back for another with my youngest recently turning 6. And now my house is full of boys. I love being a Mother but I’m not one of those mums that yearns to be around her children ALL the time. Mothering can be bloody hard at times.

Why is your blog called A bit of Bliss and Mayhem?

Good question! Well, as I started toying with the idea of starting a blog I wanted a name that would grow with me, wherever my writing would take me. Majority of the time I like to see the good and positive in all things but sometimes it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“With every action there is a reaction”

And the words “bliss” and “mayhem” kept popping into my mind. And this is what I try and do every day. Whatever is going on, however busy, hectic, tiring my days can be – I always try to find the bliss in the mayhem.

Why did you start this blog?

To be perfectly honest, I wanted a hobby of my own. Working full time and then chasing my tail with two kids made me extremely time poor. I knew that joining a gym or doing a craft course, would just end in me not turning up to it – so I starting looking into something that I could do from home with a minimal outlay of cash. I had been writing since my late teens and loved it but life got in the way and I hadn’t picked up a pen for a very long time. Lots of hours of Googling and You-Tubing later I slowly worked out how to build a blog site and as scary as it was in the beginning, I started hitting publish and sharing the pieces I wrote on here.

What will you find here?

You’ll find lots of different topics covered here on the blog. They will range from serious issues like when I went through cervical cancer to great travelling tips to Bali, to talking about Autism and how we have been renovating our home.

I talk about ways to give back and appreciating the people around you. If something stirs in me to write about it – you will find it here on the blog!

What’s your dream ?

I would loooooovvvveee to one day write my own book. It has been a dormant dream for a very long time and last year I made the decision that 2016 was the year that I would start it! Watch this space…..this is going to be huge!

My other wish would be to one-day live in Bali – my happy place. I have a strong sense of connection to Bali – its culture and vibe is something that brings me calm. I like that it brings me calm. So the dream job would be for someone to relocate us there and I write. A girl can dream hey?

And If I could catch up on the 12 years of sleep that I keep missing out on since having kids that would be an extra bonus!

Let's get to the nitty gritty.

Wanna get to know me a bit better? Here’s a post I wrote a little while ago about 50 facts about me.

Tell me, what are some quirky things about you that make you, you?


A gentle warning that swearing, occasional spelling mistakes and an excessive use of exclamation marks happen here!!!!

“It’s weird not to be weird” John Lennon

Thanks for stopping by!




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