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m.i.a and a bit of random shit

 Hello! How are you? My name is Cheryl, and I blog here {did blog here} on a bit of bliss and mayhem. I thought I had better reintroduce myself as it feels like an age since I came on here last and wrote a post.  Truth is, I lost my mojo for it over the last few weeks - on top of sick kids, work and everything else in between I just couldn't find the  inspiration to write, let alone anything that I would have written, would have been boring as fuck.  Sooooo... what's been happening with you? I haven't had a free weekend in FOREVER and am looking forward to our break to Bali in 11days, 19hours and 12minutes....just saying. And my melancholy seems to be lifting due to the Spring weather that has hit Melbourne. Thank god for SUN! I seem to function better with better weather. When winter hits - I seem to hibernate and my tollerance level is way down. I think I'm getting old.   So what's been happening with me? Heaps and nothing and all the in between. Now just im