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Tyranny, Censorship, Fear and Questions

 This post will most likely be banned on any social media accounts I share to. Censorship has been coming in hard and clear – even more so in the past few months. While I have been indulging myself in all seasons of Gossip Girl, Tiger King and Real Housewives of Anywhere, I have also been digging deep with the help of some like minded souls into Science Censorship, Liberty stealing and heart wrenching conformance that has been occurring around the globe. In many ways, 2020 for my little family has been positive. Deleting the last few days of a polar blast over the southern states of Australia bringing Winter overnight with freezing, blizzard winds and rain that was howling sideways over the rooftops. Other than that, we have had some wins here. When #Covid19 came to light – I had my fingers peeled on Google repeat. I was watching every single news article I could find, hitting refresh on all the latest updates on Facebook, the big five News establishments as well as TV. It was all