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"Do you need a Valium?"...."Always."

    “Run. Run and don’t look back.” These were the words of a very accomplishment psychiatrist which I attended for a session at the request of my Mother. My parents had been going to counselling sessions there and she had asked if either of their daughters was willing to come for a session so that she may explore a child’s perspective of the dynamics of our family. My sister declined. She avoids conflict wherever possible and hold all her cards remarkably close to her heart. I have only seen her lose her shit perhaps a couple of times whereas I on the other hand, bare my heart and soul on my sleeve and lose my shit whenever needed. I was happy to oblige the request – but I was not paying the therapists bill for that hour. I suppose every family has their secrets. Every family would like to be perceived from the outset that they are that loving, picket fence perfect, always there for each other type family. Facebook photos are there to show you this all the time. Ha! Speaking ab