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The messy part of renovating. Home stretch is in sight!

    This kitchen renovation has been in the making { well, in our minds at least} ever since we moved in to our home 7 years ago. There has been a many discussion, debates, ideas thrown around and I can assure you a zillion times where it all seemed too hard, too much and I had resolved to the fact that it would never happen.  The thing about my husband, is that he is pretty handy. About 90% of all of our renovations have been done solely by him - which in effect has made me assume that doing this stuff is easy,  because he makes it look easy.  I can assure you though - in the last fortnight I have seen how bloody hard, tiring, draining and complicated it really is. We have so far done everything with this kitchen reno ourselves bar the electrics and gas plumbing. Both of us still working our day jobs during the days and then working till past midnight every evening in the house.  We are exhausted! and over TakeAway food!!! But the end is near, so I wanted to share with you our p

Kitchen renovations do not stop for ones birthday

 It’s been quite an eventful week here at the house of McLean’s. I mean, it always is really – we love things happening around the home and you never know when you come visit, what changes would have happened around the home. See, we’re 7 years into our house renovations. YES I KNOW! I’m hearing what you’re saying “7 YEARS?” but with all good things {as well as budget, timing and doing it ourselves} I like to remind myself that all good things come to those that wait. Well, I call BS on that. We’re quite frankly a bit  tired of living on a building site constantly with out weekends filled up with work needed to be done. So we’ve grabbed the bull by the horns and thrown ourselves into the last hoorah of the major work that needs to be completed. The Kitchen  Just because I turned a year older over the weekend – {yes, happy birthday to me!} that by no means meant time to stop and smell the roses. Mind you, I had the most glorious birthday guys, lot’s of love was sent my way, flowers,

Spring has sprung & anxiety has revisted

  Now I understand that every season serves its purpose, with the whole rejuvenating the earth and shit, but if you follow me on Instagram, you’d know by my praises for sunshine, pictures of Ugg Boots and wishing for Bali balmy sunset nights, that warm days are my thing and when the sun has slowly started to bestow its loving heat on my face during the day, I become a happy content lady. The other week, I attended the Empowering Women Conference in Melbourne . I had the most fabulous day; my inspired bucket was over-flowing by the generosity of the beautiful women that spoke. I came back home feeling all warm and fuzzy. The rest of this year was going to be full of “fist pump” kind of moments. Then Monday came. The whole day, I could feel those little twinges of anxiety creeping its fucked up head again. Juggling doing my work on this day, I was wrestling at my desk with tightness in my chest, dizziness, tears and I seriously felt like I was dying. All this was going on, while ans