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Fear of people seeing

 I think it'll be three years soon that I would have been typing words onto this blog. Three years of stories, ideas and most importantly a release of sorts, coming to this website, opening the back end and watching the blinker tick away while i hang for a moment and the fingers start tapping like a mad woman. Here was me thinking that my next post would be all about my recent trip that I returned back from in Bali. I even made notes on my phone for post ideas, photographed that crap out of stuff - like a blogging boss!  - with the plan to do a series of posts about Bali. So why did I just open this fresh post up and type in "fear of people seeing". Truth - My book. I have stage fright.  Truth - My blog, I feel like no one and everyone sees this.  Second truth - Both truths are really bullshit truths. Blogging can be quite lonely. Unless you have "made it" and even that, what does that mean?? There is so many of us that purge away, create, write, press pub