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I think I'm doing this whole blogging thing wrong

     It has come to my attention that I've been doing this blog biz here now for two years. Two years peeps! Something that started out as a little outlet for me, a minimal outlay hobby, a space that I could "unload" has slowly but surely grown to become a real love and in sorts, a part of me.  I am, very proud of the work and writing that I have put up here. There have been times where my posts have been long, short, funny, informative. I have had consistent times of when i would put posts up and then go into lulls of "meh". Thing is, I think I've been doing it wrong here lately. Nearly every day at some point, an idea would pop into my head where I would think,  "Awesome! I'll write about that!", but fear has gotten the better of me. For some stupid reason, fear of what the billions , thousands , hundreds , okay only my friends will think of what I write here has given me stage fright. And if you knew me in "real life" THIS IS

Let's remember to be human

    What the last 12 months has taught me, is to appreciate the time we have. We never know when it will be up, and life, as we know should never be taken for granted.  I, You, We, live in world where everything is so fast paced. Technology is really at our fingertips, we are expected to be “on” and all over it ALL THE TIME. And don’t get me wrong. I have shit days. I get angry, I get annoyed and overwhelmed. I look at the constant pile of washing and dishes and menial crap that I have to do everyday and just moan. I want to sometimes run into my bathroom, lock the door and just sit, cry and block out the noise. Life is just hard sometimes hey?   But. Watch this. Some of the wisest words I have heard.