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David Jones, thank you for the music

 The music industry has lost another legend this week, David Bowie. I remember where I was on those days where iconic people left us such as Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, I'm sure you do to.  Bowie, was iconic and a real mover for his times. Some may even call him the father of punk. He exploded onto the scene well before I was born but my admiration for his craft and love and passion for his art transcends age. It transcends eras of music too. There is something about his music that strikes a core.  What an honour he has left us with the legacy of his work.  RIP David.     

2016 Goals, Jupiter and Blogging

        The beautiful Jupiter. Image via Pinterest  I promise it will make sense at the end of the post     With the recent ending of 2015, I hastily and excitedly made a grand announcement here on the blog that “Sweet 2016” will be the year that I would be writing my book. I have been toying with this idea for many months now and in the grand plan of a brand new year starting, I thought why the hell not! Apparently I’m looking at writing over 120,000 words in the next 12 months. That’s 10,000 words a month. Sweet. Lord. Jesus   So whilst most of you were probably relaxing over the Christmas break, soaking in much needed down-time – I stuffed my face with food, wine and trifle with the ever present hang of the “book” on my shoulder. Its still happening people! I promise you – there is a book in me! And I’m sure that once the creative juices start flowing there will be no stopping me. I have a start. I have an ending. I now need to work on the big, ginormous middle sectio