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You Must Be Crazy

  "You must be crazy!" I heard a lot of this when we announced that we had bought a farm, in an area that we had never lived in before.  "Arn't you scared you won't like it there?" " What are you guys gonna do?" "You've never lived anywhere other than Melbourne, won't you miss it?" "You won't have town water, or natural gas. How on earth are you going to cope?" " A septic tank, omg yuck" The questions and opinions and doubts that were thrown our way in the lead up to our big move was never ending. Some have said to us that packing up and moving 600kms away from where we had been based most of our lives was brave. Others, said that we were crazy. Others said we were committing financial suicide. We even had a few say that we were ruining our kids lives. I think we're coming up to 3 months since we moved. The move itself was epic. Two guys, packed a 64 cubic metre truck in 10 hours. All our belongi