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I Heart Bali

    Did I mention that we are heading back to Bali in 77 days? To be specific 1838 hours. Can you tell that I'm a little excited!!??   This will be my 4th or 5th trip to Bali in recent years, and every time I get there, I'm already planning my next trip back. The people, the culture, shopping and relaxation - I get into a zen like feeling the minute that I land at the airport.   So you've never been to Bali but are thinking of going? All I can say is GO! It's 5.5 hours flight from Melbourne, a couple of movies on the plane and you are there. I love hot weather so it's right up my alley chilling in the heat, relxing by the pool, massages, food, shopping and more massages!      Here is my 5 min quick tip cheat sheet for your first visit:     Money    Change over a couple of hundred dollars at the airport in Australia to Rupiah - just enough so that you can get drinks, a meal and some massages when you arrive We always just take out debit card and use th

The Last Few Days

   The last few days have been shit – and that’s putting it lightly.   A couple of weeks ago, we had our lovely, awesome neighbours over for dinner – I actually attempted to cook something out of the ordinary, wanting to show my extensive cooking knowledge. Ha! Who was I kidding, I googled the recipe, (who knew Sage was a herb!) and decided on spatchcock thanks to Masterchef inspiration. I followed the recipe to the tee. You should have seen the kitchen 15 minutes before everyone was coming over – spatchcocks were out of the oven – fry pans city browning them off – mash potato going cold, oh yes this was an epic success! (Not)   A few bottles of wine and great conversation flowing, we ended up talking about being healthy (fitting as we were all happy and the wino was flowing), but something re-triggered in me about my health, sugar that we consume, the meals that we prepare and overall looking after ourselves.   If someone had of asked me a few years ago whether I truly thought