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random meetings - my gumtree lady

  Ever since i had left home, i have loved buying and selling things. Whether that be furniture, appliances, clothes - i would get bored very quickly with stuff and in order to finance my new craze would "flip" the item - get some quick cash and gleefully go off and buy my new "forever" item, till the next time came and it would end up on site for sale. Recently we have been doing some extensive renovations in our house where Steve gutted and fitted in a kitchen over a weekend. Seriously, he is like an engeriser bunny! I have no idea where he gets the drive and stamina to do this! In light of "flipping" our kitchen ( yes, an ebay purchase! )... i was now in posession of an extra oven and dishwasher. So with my trusty phone and gumtree app - photos were taken, decription and price set - let's sell ths baby! I received a txt from Sarah - my potential buyer for my dishwasher - desperate to free up some of her time as she was a busy mum of 2 kids and t