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In these unprecedented times....

 I had to delete Facebook off my phone. The last couple of weeks was a rabbit warren hole of doom and gloom, everybody sharing their thoughts on #COVID_19, constantly Googling "coronavirus australia" and watching the minute by minute up on all the news sites, from everywhere.  What the fuck did we all talk about before Coronavirus?  Life?  Bullshit? And now, in these unprecedented times, it seems that our world has shrunk physically as well as emotionally. I had to stop feeding the beast because the because was consuming every aspect of my daily life.  I'm on day two without Facebook. To be honest, I thought it would be harder than it has been. Admittedly, I still jump onto my beloved Instagram 17,500 times a day, but I have found Instagram to be a quieter and calmer platform to be on than the mayhem, panic driven bullshit that i was soaking in prior.  So how is #IsoLyf treating you?  We're lucky enough to have plenty of space. We also have always been home-bod