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Current Mood. Freezing. Dreaming of Bali

 Well yesterday, Melbourne's fury of the cold hit. We woke to a mild morning but the sky was clear and I was even undecided about turning on the heater.  Well, two hours later, the heavens opened up in all it's glory and Mother Nature brought a storm of all storms to Melbourne. There was flash flooding, uncontrollable winds and the temperature dropped dramatically. Winter is not just coming, winter is here.  I don't know about you but I'm am, through and through, a summer gal. Give me warm sunny days and nights, where the sun takes hours more to set and I'm not feeling like a constant reptile in search for the elusive sun to beat down on my face.  As I get older, I seriously think i have SAD And I am feeling like this:     via GIPHY   But all I am wanting is this: via GIPHY   And this  via GIPHY  My count-down app has hit the magical digits where it is only a few sleeps till I jump back onto a plane and head of to Bali. I cannot wait!      

Sorrow. Remains.

 I miss you both. Very much.    Written March 7th, 2017 I don’t think that any of the words that I put down here can do justice to the impact losing the both of you has had  the past two years. Every year, the feelings of such sadness and sorrow, that I know so many of us are experiencing just compounds itself and I feel helpless knowing that I will not see you again.   One of my soul sisters suggested that I write it all down, get it all out, or as much as I can to let part of the pain be released so that I can look back on the times that we had together with a smile rather than the crippling grief that I have continued to experience. So here goes. I miss you both. So very much. And I think, because you were both taken is such tragic circumstance, I never had a chance to say goodbye. We all didn’t.  Steve knows, Max, that you and him were and always will be brothers and that If you had not died that there would have been a phone call, a chat and like always over the pa

Best Coffee in Bali. Mugshot Coffee

   The countdown till I hit the tarmac at Ngurah Rai International Airport is quickly coming down to the single digit figures and before I know it I will be soaking in all the things that beautiful Bali has to offer again. Excited, Just a bit. Hallelujah! Not only will I be landing in my favourite place to visit, full us sun, warmth, good food and magical sunsets - my love for the perfect cup of coffee with be gguaranteed. Let me share with you the " must go to " Coffee Shop in Bali and why when you visit - you will be hooked! Melbourne, is renowned for our snobbishness (yes, I admit we Melbournians can be snobby) when it comes to coffee, as we are blessed with an abundance of cafes to choose and our baristas do know their stuff. Even in my "bio" you can see that Coffee is a requirement, more, a necessity to get through my busy days without killing someone. Srsly. So when I started visiting Bali - I hit the JACKPOT when I discovered the BEST Coffee Shop on thi