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The highlight reel that is rarely shared

 Social Media, has evolved to slowly encompass most facets of our lives. We "check in" most days, scroll through our feed,  "like" along the way and for many of us, it has become a habitual part of our daily routine. There is so much good to be said about Social Media. Providing instant connections, all over the world, having us all aware pretty much instantaneously of the happenings with a minute by minute breakdown if we wish to see. It's like having a daily get together with all your buddies and you having the peak hole into all their worlds and theirs into yours. It has become a generational obsession. A need, in a way to be "on". The days before mobile phones and the internet seem like the dinosaur ages now as many of us showcase our daily lives to our friends online to share with them our on going journey.  People like to be liked.  And it's really easy to fall into the trap believing that everything that you see in your feed is the "