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Post Bali. An Update

 My reality a few weeks ago was this;   I had been absolutely hanging, I mean hanging for this latest Bali trip. Guys, I can’t really put my finger on it but the place just has a grab on me and I do anything possible to keep finding those cheap flight deals to call Steve and go, “guess what? We’re going back!” It was a great trip. Like really awesome! There wasn’t much shopping or bringing suitcases loads of crap back – but a chill trip, showing my parents the Island of the Gods { it was their first trip to Bali } and getting that R&rR that I desperately needed. And then landing back in Melbourne to sub zero temperatures {okay, not that cold but you get the drift} – I got sick. Firstly, with a nasty, annoying cold that lingered around for about a week. Instead of singlet tops and ripped jean shorts, I was rugged up with 5 layers on, scarf and beanie in tow – Melbourne’s winter was not just coming, it had came. Game of Thrones anyone?  Then the second wave hit, and I looked c