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I Have Liberty

     This came up on my news feed recently:     If you don't follow Cate, you should.  We have a commonality with our care for humanity, connection to Bali, empathy and in the wonderful words of Cate, "just be fkn kind, okay?" Now, I try to see life with a cup half full , you know? However, don't be confused by my  smile and in most, happy persona to not have the ability to become enraged, disgusted, angry when the need arises.  My god, this post stirred up so many feels for me. I felt such anger towards this cock-head that had done this to my friend. I mean, who the fuck does this? Blackmail, made to feel cornered,  psychological abuse as well as emotional threats against your liberty is not on. Period. What has happened to Cate, infuriates me to the absolute core. We as women,  have the absolute right to express ourselves without the fear of it being used against us. We as women, should not be made to feel ashamed of our bodies. In a world where the media