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when you visit the Mclean's..

 If you were to arrive at my front door today you may be welcomed and ushered in... you may also hear me scream out from the kitchen to let yourself in! And once you had come through the front door and worked your way through the lounge room maze of toddler toys and nearly killed yourself by slipping on a piece of leggo on the floor - you may find me trying to do 10 things at the same time completely failing at all or on the floor with the kids being attacked by nerf guns and trying to protect myself while Jack is sitting on top of me clearly not realising that this will infact send mummy off to another chiropractor visit! Many of our friends that come over love our place as there is always something going on - whether it's Steve with his constant house renovation projects ( i will maintain that i do help with these!) - furniture or appliances getting flipped on ebay or gumtree so that i can "change up" how the place looks - kids running and playing around and the consta

lets call you mr a******...

  Things were falling into place. I had put out to the universe that it was time for a new job, had gone for a couple of interviews, things were looking up - then out of the blue i received a call with an offer that i could not refuse - I had been head hunted and basically asked "what do i need to do to get you on our team?" my ego and self confidence went up a few notches that day.  Notice provided at my job, handover completed now onto the next chapter or my working career. This was going to be great! The new workplace and boss came across, understanding, excited in what i could bring to the table and i was looking foward to the challenge of sinking my teeth into something new and sharing a bit of "Cheryl".  The instructions were quite simple - ascertain where the gaps are in the business - make reccomendations of changes that need to happen and make them happen. Shamefully i had also been enticed by the tittle of my role and the flashy cars that all the execu

What My Everyday Looks Like

 Sleep. I love you..i truly do. Sleep and I had a fight about 10 years ago, we finally broke up and have only sorted out our differences recently. So far, so good. Our relationship is slowly getting better. When my trusty mobile starts singing relaxation melodies to me at 6.30am, i do curse at it, rolling over wishing for there to be just another 10 more minutes before another day has to begin. Within 15 minutes i have 2 coffees made for hubby and i , breakfast ready for Ethan, lunch made and packed for school and have snuck in a quick ciggie. Our gorgeous little bundle Jack announces to the world that he is awake, "mummy! mummy!", bottle popped in mouth , Ethan's rooms gets flooded with noise and lights of me storming around saying "get up!, it's nearly 7am! "  On top of this, i have a load of washing already going, half trying to dress myself while tackling a 2 year old that refuses to get out of his pyjamas, the dog wanting to be let outside and a husba