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My Experience With Autism

   Close your eyes for a moment.   Actually, open them again, silly me, you won’t be able to read! Imagine; Anxiety, pressure, stress, panic. Now imagine being so overwhelmed that the only thing that calms you down is humming with your mouth for hours- feeling the sensation of tingles across your tongue and the sound of the hum blocking out the outside terror that you are experiencing. Imagine not being able to tell anyone how you are feeling, what you want or need, or to ask a simple question. Not being able to connect the message from your brain to go to your mouth to form words. Imagine the thought of someone coming close to you, wanting to hug you; invading your personal space, touching you to be like razor blades been run across your body. This is what I imagine Autism is for my son Ethan. I know this. Because, he can tell me now. But for many, many years Ethan did not speak, grunted at best, screamed and had meltdowns for up to 8 hours a day and bashed his head against

Regroup and Hibernate

    I suck at cold weather.  Should have been a QLD baby. I love summer. A breeze coming through all the open windows in the house, sunny days, longer evenings. There seems more time, more energy. I am always happier over those months. Have they always been around or have I just been too "busy" to stop and see all these gorgeous evenings that we have been having?   It is probably one of the reasons why I love travelling to Bali. Or it could be that I just love holidays? Three massages a day, seafood scoff galore and watching glorious sunsets every night.  Did I tell you I'm going back in 79 days? Yep, you heard it right here.  And Melbourne has given the last hoorah of the warmth last week. I wore my sandals on a yummy 26 degree day thinking it might the last time before I'd have to pull out the boots from the back of the cupboard.  Insert sad face.  I don't know about you, but I go inwards over the colder months, I get less social, I go quieter and it