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Motherly Guilt. It's a thing.

  Image via Pinterest   I am my biggest critic. I am also my biggest supporter. Funny how it works, these interesting minds of humans. I had the one of the worst experiences happen a couple of years ago. It taught me perspective, humility, thought and taking stock. It also highlighted to me how we all go on and on and on  and on about bullshit really. Insignificant stuff, that doesn’t  really matter in the big scheme of it all. I’ve also this year had some really big highs and really big lows. I lost two very special people in my life in a tragic motorbike accident early in the year . The grief has been overwhelming. Time has not healed this – my normal day is not normal anymore and I think about them every single day. But Motherly Guilt . Motherly Guilt gets me every time. I really don’t care what other people think of me. I’m proud of the person that I am, proud of the way I conduct myself and focus on my bubble; which are my children and my man. They are the most important t

Local is the best way to eat in Bali - my top tips

   If you're a regular reader on my blog, you would know for sure how much I love travelling to Bali. We have been visiting this beautiful island for the last 6 years and honestly I can't get enough of the place.  When I first visited Bali, like with all new places I was a bit wary when it came to food. Where I ate, what we ate. We ate in more "westernised" establishments and thus paid "western" prices for the luxury. I think I lived on club sandwiches for a few days!  But as we kept coming back, each trip, we started trying different places. We spoke to locals as well as fellow "frequent flyers" and over time received fabulous recommendations of where to eat and what to try.  When in Bali, we eat Balinese food. So now, 90% of where we eat during our trips are local Warungs (local kitchens, little local restaurants). The Indonesian cuisine is so vibrant, fresh and full or flavour and you'd be crazy to not at least try the Balinese food whe

Top tips when travelling to Bali

 With every returning trip from Bali, I come back with fresh tips and information which may be especially handy for a first time traveller to the Island of the Gods. It can be daunting visiting somewhere new, so here are some of my tips when heading over to Bali on a holiday:               Money When arriving to Bali you need $35 US each for your Visa on Arrival (VOA ) { This is if you are travelling on an Australian Passport }. The US rate conversion with AUS is pretty crap at the moment but we just change this at Melbourne Airport. We also change about $100 AUD over the Rupiah at the airport which with the current rate is about 900,000 RP to get us through the first day with drinks and something to eat when we get to Bali. ATM’s If you are going to use ATM’s in Bali, remember to contact your bank to let them know that you will be using your card overseas (in particular mention that you will be in Indonesia) Over the last few weeks the ATM’s in Bali have gone through a

Bali - I'll see you soon..

   The last three weeks have been mentally and physically tiring. We have slogged through our kitchen renovations and have now come to the pointy end of it all with splash-back tiles, flooring and bench-tops left to complete. Working full time and then staying up till well past midnight every night has been exhausting! But no pain, no gain they say and my goodness the reward speaks for itself!    Behold! 90% finished Kitchen! Steve has a "big" birthday coming up and I really wanted to celebrate it with him in style. So what better place to do that than our favourite place to visit, Bali.  There truly is something about the place that has captivated me. All around me when I'm there, I am surrounded by culture, tradition, beauty, history - every time I visit a little piece of me stays there. {it's probably one of the reasons I keep wanted to come back} I won't go all " Eat,Pray, Love" on you though. As the first thing I love to do when I land in Ba