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Seeking out the Algorithm Ego Booster and Detoxing from it

 I’ve been playing the social media scene now since 2012. That’s six years now that I have been sharing, posting, sharing, posting. I had to scroll and scroll back to find my first profile pic.    Circa 2012   Time shows the most in our kids hey? When you’re with them day in, day out, you don’t see them grow. This guy is now a good head size taller than me. It’s 5am here. The house is quiet. My fire has still got a glow of red, which quickly turned into a rebirthed fireball quite quickly. I’ve made my first coffee for the day. A couple of lamps are on now, that show off that homely glow. I awoke at 4am and couldn’t sleep. I’m a spontaneous personality but I am also a creature of habit. And when I get up each morning, my routine consist of:   Coffee – fresh, creamy and warm I watch my sunrise I check the weather for the day, for the week Jump onto all the social apps, and check Facebook, Insty.   Give me more of these every morning   It’s been a routine now for years. An