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Bali And A Baby

  See that moment right there? It felt magnificent. My toes squished into Legian Beach watching another gorgeous sunset over Bali. The warm air, slight breeze, sound of the ocean enjoying a week with Steve and our guy Ethan on his first trip here.  This was my view when the above photo was taken at Taris Bali . If you look closely... you can see Steve taken a photo of me {top left hand corner, the guy holding a camera} Ethan, had an absolute blast on our trip! First trip overseas, new culture, humid dry weather and the traffic, brought out Ethan's autism in a massive way - we saw behaviour and ticks that he hadn't done since he was really little. It was a massive shock to the system for him but after 3 days, lots of talking and explaining, he started to relax. This gorgeous boy, my gorgeous boy soaking in everything that Bali had to offer. I drank lots of these! I mean, when in Bali - Mojito's and Bintang's are the way to go!   We stuffed our faces at  Naughty N