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You Must Be Crazy

 "You must be crazy!"

I heard a lot of this when we announced that we had bought a farm, in an area that we had never lived in before. 

"Arn't you scared you won't like it there?"

" What are you guys gonna do?"

"You've never lived anywhere other than Melbourne, won't you miss it?"

"You won't have town water, or natural gas. How on earth are you going to cope?" " A septic tank, omg yuck"

The questions and opinions and doubts that were thrown our way in the lead up to our big move was never ending. Some have said to us that packing up and moving 600kms away from where we had been based most of our lives was brave. Others, said that we were crazy. Others said we were committing financial suicide. We even had a few say that we were ruining our kids lives.

I think we're coming up to 3 months since we moved. The move itself was epic. Two guys, packed a 64 cubic metre truck in 10 hours. All our belongings, our life - all squeezed in ready to go to our farm. Steve and I had about 4 hours sleep that night. Packing and moving is exhausting, my god! And we awoke at 3am to miss all the city traffic and drove all day with a trailer, car trailer in tow in convoy together with our boys arriving at our new place 8 hours later. 

It's been a hell of a ride thus far. Adjusting to a new house, the sounds the home makes, working out where the light switches are ( i still walk into my bed at night when the lights are off ). The warmth and sun. I have loved this part the most. No cold days here since we came. Two week after we moved, a storm hit our town so strong and powerful that our rural town was classified as a catastrophe zone. We had property damage but thank god no one was hurt. These moments in life you either let them bring you down, or you brush yourself off and get on with it. 

We just got on with it. 

We have been made so welcome to our small town. Our neighbours, people around our farm, new friends have been so gracious and welcoming and lovely to us. At first, us city slickers were a bit taken aback, city folk are always way to busy to stop and have a chat. Walking through our main street now after being here a few months, most store owners i know by name, people stop to say hi. 

People. Stop. To. Say. Hi.

It's so so so nice. 

Do we miss Melbourne? Not really. 

Were we scared of moving so far away? Nah. Life is an adventure. You only get one shot at it, there is no dress rehearsal. 

OMG, you don't have town water! We have river water on our property and rain water for drinking and cooking. Have i noticed any difference? Nup.

You don't have natural gas and OMG a septic tank!" That's right. But our house has solar panels galore so we actually generate enough electricity to cover our usage every day for FREEEEEE! And septic, well I never used to look at where my poo went in the city, so it's not really any different here. 

I wrote this today on my Instagram:

I haven't worn make up in 3 months. Even though under my eyes look tired, my skin has never felt better.
My daily attire since we moved has been shorts and t-shirts. Good old Thongs or work boots are my go to.
I walk out to my long driveway most nights to watch the amazing sunsets here, feeling the warm wind across my face.
My boys spend hours outside everyday.
My man and I are getting more time together.
In 3 months we've gone out for dinner about 4 times.
I'm cooking everyday, trying new things, being smart with what we have.
Life is stunning.


So has it been awesome? YESSSS

Has it been challenging? YESSS 

Is it working for us as a family? Hell YEAH! 


Still anxiety free. Can you believe it! 


And I even learnt how to make sausage rolls! I know, I can't believe it either!






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