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When It All Changed - Part 1

 You know the drill.... boy meets girl, girl likes guy, guy likes girl bla bla bla....

But this story didn't have that happy ending that everyone hopes for. It actually turned to shit pretty quickly and the rose coloured glasses that i had on for awhile came off and poof the prince was no longer the knight in shining armour.

I believe that you meet people in your life for a reason - sometimes it's to show you that you are absolutely the worst possible match out there.

Thing is i was young - a teenager infact and the day that i was sitting on the toilet looking down at a pregnancy test that showed "positive" at a ripe old age of 19 was a day that everything changed. " Oh fuck!" i thought to myself...

Fast forward 9 months and 10days, 36 kgs of pregnancy eating bliss ( and i really thought i had the most gorgeous pregnancy glow! haha) and 42 hours of the most agonising pain known to man, out came the most beautiful, perfect little baby boy i had ever seen! I could not stop staring at him and thinking "crap... your here... what do i do with you now?"

Ethan, was born a healthy weight, responded perfectly to everything a baby should and fed pretty much straight away -  i had gone from rebellious teenager to a mother and completely responsible for another human being overnight. "oh shit... here we go" i thought.


So looking after a baby was HARD. When i brought Ethan home from the hospital all he did was scream, to the point that i called the hospital asking them if they had given me the wrong baby as my baby didn't scream at all when i was there.  

Dummies became my best friend, formula was like the holy grail at 6 weeks when i finally gave up on the whole breast feeding ( didnt work for me ) and the jolly jumper oh the jolly jumper .. i am forever in your debt for given me 10 minute breaks here and there. 

I was a kid raising a kid - with no idea what i was doing, how i was going to do it - but i promised that little baby the second that he rested on my chest in the hospital that i would love him forever and that we were a team, him and me and we would work through everything together....











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