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My glorious kitchen! The waaayyyy belated update.

 This was, the last room to be completed in our epic renovation. I call it EPIC, as the process has taken a total of seven years to bring our home from the psychedelic 1970's to now. 

95% of our renovations have been done by ourselves. We have recycled many materials and items over the years and re-used wherever possible. It is possible to do things on a budget - you just need to be prepared to live on a building site forever and do bits and pieces over time. 

I do say "we" in the renovations, but I need to give credit where credit is due. And that is to Steve. The man is so switched on. He puts his mind to anything and before I know it, it is done. Not a builder by trade but a mechanic, he has literally rebuilt the inside of our house on his own. 

Back to my kitchen.

This was her before:







Dated, tired and old. Completely nothing wrong with it but as you can see, for a 4 bedroom house this kitchen was squishy and pokey and lacked storage. You can see that there was a partition wall which led you through to a laundry. We decided to remove this wall ( having a truss roof - internal walls can come out ) and incorporate the "dead" space into our new kitchen. I lost a laundry, but gained so much more.....
































I'm in love with the space. It really feels like this was the kitchen for this house now. And, It pays to be thrifty. It pays to RESEARCH and google everything. We had a company come out and give us a quote just for our cabinetry, no install and the price tag came to nearly $15k! Crazy dosh. 

I'll update this post in more depth of where we got our stuff. eBay was my best friend. Google helped me find my AMAZING tiles for my splash back at a 1/4 of the cost than i initially found at one of the big tile places. 

Was it worth a 7 year wait? Absolutely!



Cabinetry (white) - Masters $3300

Cabinetry (dark bottom) - eBay - ( where i found the oven from, this was from a townhouse that was going to be demolished {they are actually Freedom Cabinets - soft close} - $200 )

Tiles - Found on Pinterest, discovered a local stockists instead of $2500 it ended up being $750 - email for stockist details 

Range- hood and Stove/Oven - eBay baby! $400

Fridge - Already had

Sink - My dream sink I have wanted for forever - Ikea $250

Tap - Bunnings $85

Kitchen stools - Kmart - $25 each

Dome ceiling light - Bunnings

Sky lights - These are AMAZING - they are the thickness of a plaster board and are solar powered. We have them also hooked into power so at night they work just as normal lights do and in the day they emulate just like a conventional sky light. - eBay $400 each







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