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Kitchen renovations do not stop for ones birthday

 It’s been quite an eventful week here at the house of McLean’s. I mean, it always is really – we love things happening around the home and you never know when you come visit, what changes would have happened around the home.

See, we’re 7 years into our house renovations. YES I KNOW! I’m hearing what you’re saying “7 YEARS?” but with all good things {as well as budget, timing and doing it ourselves} I like to remind myself that all good things come to those that wait.

Well, I call BS on that. We’re quite frankly a bit  tired of living on a building site constantly with out weekends filled up with work needed to be done. So we’ve grabbed the bull by the horns and thrown ourselves into the last hoorah of the major work that needs to be completed. The Kitchen 

Just because I turned a year older over the weekend – {yes, happy birthday to me!} that by no means meant time to stop and smell the roses. Mind you, I had the most glorious birthday guys, lot’s of love was sent my way, flowers, hugs and as a bonus, all our kids were at our place so we did venture out for dinner.

If you’re curious, Anxiety at the moment has visited twice now. The bloody bastards back, but I wont dwell on that today, instead I’d love to share with you some snaps that have made me really, really happy! { And yes, I died my hair Purple!}


Purple hair



 Because flowers always make me smile


Seriously, how gorg is this watch? Bday pressie for mwah! The Horse


This little guy I swear would make the cutest garden gnome, eva! 


Because, Love! 




 Told you that kitchen renos do not stop for birthdays!


The man, my man, just does not stop!  


 I'm show-casing a new look here - #renochic

 And just for shits and giggles and just quietly I nearly wet my paints watching this, because my golly we all need a laugh sometimes, I present eYES..

You'll know what I mean.

eYES Guy - Dons hilarious spelling mistake 



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