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Bali And A Baby


See that moment right there? It felt magnificent. My toes squished into Legian Beach watching another gorgeous sunset over Bali. The warm air, slight breeze, sound of the ocean enjoying a week with Steve and our guy Ethan on his first trip here. 

This was my view when the above photo was taken at Taris Bali . If you look closely... you can see Steve taken a photo of me {top left hand corner, the guy holding a camera}


Ethan, had an absolute blast on our trip! First trip overseas, new culture, humid dry weather and the traffic, brought out Ethan's autism in a massive way - we saw behaviour and ticks that he hadn't done since he was really little. It was a massive shock to the system for him but after 3 days, lots of talking and explaining, he started to relax. This gorgeous boy, my gorgeous boy soaking in everything that Bali had to offer.


I drank lots of these! I mean, when in Bali - Mojito's and Bintang's are the way to go!



We stuffed our faces at Naughty Nuris in Seminyak. The best, juiciest, most mouth watering Pork Ribs I have ever tasted, licking my fingers after everybite. This is a must place to visit if you love your ribs!


Are you a coffee lover like us? Do you NEED a caffeine hit in the morning to get you going? If you're staying around Legian, there is no better place for the best coffee in my opinion than Mugshot Coffee. Perfect cup every time, we even returned back in the afternoons for an Iced Coffee while watching the traffic and day go by. Pop in, have your "mugshot" taken for 10,000 rp ( $1 donation ) which goes to charity... why so serious Ethan?


The coffee "art" is EPIC!


We visited the rice fields in Tegalalang Ubud where I had the most delicious Nasi Campur - OMG the freshness, the flavours...and all washed down with a cold Bintang to end a fabulous day trip up to the hills.



As is the tradition for us - we ended the trip with getting our "ink". I love my tattoos, and love the guys who have done half my work at Big Brother Tattoo - Legian. If you're after tatts - these guys, brothers, are extremely talented, super clean, professional artists. Remember get your tattoos on your second last or last day and NO SWIMMING!


I want to go back! The come down feeling that you get after the anticipation of a holiday abroad to the landing safely home to the "fuck.....back to it".

I need to start saving for the next trip!

I became an auntie this week! My little sister and her hubby welcomed a perfect little girl, Bonnie. We all visited her at the hospital for an official "McLean's" hello.



I did say to her that if she had the baby while I was away - she would have to call it Cheryl. 

She waited till we got back.





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