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A few good men.


I hate the news. I hate that my feed on Facebook is filled with sad, devastating snippets on a daily basis. I had to unfollow a whole lot of them. I stopped watching the news a while ago as the noise of it made my head implode. There is never nice stuff on the news hey?

I'm sure all this stuff has been happening at the same rate but due to technology and instant updates, we are bombarded with it all the time. There is something to be said about cutting your time "online" even if for just a little bit. Like having a "meat-less Monday" but lets have a "internet-less Monday". 

And I have heard recently of the Royal Commission Against Family Violence that is underway. I for one, will gladly pay a levy in my tax to support this. Family violence is a serious issue in our backyards. We need to address it and not have our head in the sand. Even if it isn't happening to you - the likelihood that it is occurring to someone that you know is high. Become informed. Look for the signs. Open the dialogue. Change HAS to happen. It just has do.

I also think though that not enough is said about the good guys. The good men. The good fathers. The good partners and husbands. I'd like to think that throughout the crap and sadness and fear in the world that we could also share stories of good people. As there are a few good men out there and the media, we - don't talk about them.

For sure, we all have faults. We all have good points and bad, and my guy is definetly not perfect. As like me, not perfect. But, a good man. 

Be assured that he won't get a big head with me writing this all down - as he doesn't read my blog. Steve is not the book wormy type. Heck, the only way that he will ever read my book {which at the moment looks like it will be completed in 2020!} is if I give him an audio version of it! 

He's lived a life guys. At times, it blows my mind how he is still here and the adventures that he has had makes my life look a little less travelled. From Tuna Boat fishing on the top of Australia, to driving trucks in Alice Springs, to Partying it up in Cairns for 2 years to packing up and moving interstate- state numerous times. The furthest I've lived from where i grew up is 20kms away so when i listen to his stories of where,what,why, how - he has packed alot in.

He's also fallen in love like a million times. Or maybe not love, but close to something. Had a Black Book a hundred times as big as the catalogue of cars he's owned. Rebuilt engines from scratch and starting from nothing again too many times than he'd probably want to recall.

He's resilient

He's also excellently annoying.

But the most beautiful man and a heart as big as the world  from the onset. 

He drives me CRAZY at times but he is my safest place that I have ever felt in my life. We banter like a bunch of plumbers on a building site but we hold hands like we're teenagers in lust the next minute. 

Nearly 11 years in - he will txt me every single day that he loves me. Every day.

A few good men. 

He is one of those few good men. 

Bet ya he won't read this. Bet ya!






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