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Kaftan's vs Tight Active Wear, Every Single Time

 What the fuck is going on in this world of ours? I mean, really. 2020 was supposed to BE, THE YEAR – and then it all went to shit with lockdowns, grim reaper viruses and eternal long days of Netflix and then even more Netflix.

How are you travelling?

I’ve gained a beauty of 8kg in #isolyf. I have discovered that I indeed enjoy all things sweet – in particular, Donuts ( of all sorts but KRISPY KREME – you have my heart) and Strawberry Iced cream filled cakes from Coles.

Oh and the wine. Yes a bottle a day. Me love any drop at the moment.

I’ve caught up on the entire series of Gossip Girl – 10 years after its release and I have perfected the art of doing fuck all. Just ask Steve 😊

With this teeny weight gain #isosympathyweight, I was in need of new jeans. Well, do you think there were many options available in Desert Land? Yeah, Nah. But at least Kmart has a $15 pair made in Bangladesh and Just Jeans had a boyfriend pair down to $20 from $79.90.


I desperately need Botox. I was video chatting with a bestie last night and all I could see was her gorgeous face but my lines – lordy, they need freezing muscle injecting venom in them stat.

I did a makeover on a caravan last week. Quite impressed with the outcome. Named her Bertha. Everything on our farm acquires a name – and in particular starts with a B.

This week has been nice. Cool mornings but nothing what we experience with the polar blast a few weeks ago. Yesterday I was in a singlet and thongs. When the Sun shines down on Sunraysia with no wind – it confirms every single time that we did the right thing moving here.

Flame Trees is same same. The grass have changed colour due to the frost and my Moptop trees last leaves are about to drop off telling me it definitely is winter.

Tonight, I trundled off to the dump paddock with Ethan and we retrieved an older and unused Tumbleweed Composter. Order a new lid for it and my mission is to make the best god damn compost know to man over the next few months.

School’s been back and in a blink, school holidays are now coming up. What the?!??!!??!!!?

I hurt my right hip a few months ago. Been meaning to go get it checked by a Chiro – but you know, the whole Covid-19 thing happened so I’ve been feeling every day of my age plus more.

Where the hell did my twenties go? I looked at my eldest tonight and he’ll be 18 next year.


All I know is:

  • Donuts are the best.
  • Botox tricks my brain into feeling youthful.
  • I’m closer to middle age than I am to my youth.
  • Country life is all that it’s cracked up to be. Promise ya. Saying bye bye to the concrete jungle was the best decision, ever.

Oh. And how good is this tune? #INXS4Lyf 

Should have been born 15 years before I was. 







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