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Tyranny, Censorship, Fear and Questions

 This post will most likely be banned on any social media accounts I share to. Censorship has been coming in hard and clear – even more so in the past few months.

While I have been indulging myself in all seasons of Gossip Girl, Tiger King and Real Housewives of Anywhere, I have also been digging deep with the help of some like minded souls into Science Censorship, Liberty stealing and heart wrenching conformance that has been occurring around the globe.

In many ways, 2020 for my little family has been positive. Deleting the last few days of a polar blast over the southern states of Australia bringing Winter overnight with freezing, blizzard winds and rain that was howling sideways over the rooftops. Other than that, we have had some wins here.

When #Covid19 came to light – I had my fingers peeled on Google repeat. I was watching every single news article I could find, hitting refresh on all the latest updates on Facebook, the big five News establishments as well as TV.

It was all we were talking about here on the farm. Every conversation was of the latest updates – it took over everything. I notice my shakes in my hands getting worse, the pit of my stomach turning and burning more and fear – utter fear had made a home in my body and was taking over. I needed to stop.


I deleted Facebook off my phone – which is a huge thing as for as long as I can remember FB and Instagram were my go-to apps. I chose to not turn on the television news and deleted my history searches on Google.

After about eight days, I noticed a significant decrease in my stress levels regarding this pandemic, moment in history.

I started receiving links, going into the rabbit hole and delving further into some questions that I had. Don’t we all have questions about what is going on around our Earth at the moment?

I watched this

And this

And this

And this

That one has already been pulled down - CENSORSHIP

What about this

And this


You want to talk about Depopulating the Globe – read the 351 pages of Agenda 21

Did you know that your data from the Covid App may not be protected as its servers are via Amazon and falls under US Jurisdiction?

What about the question of over-use or too soon use of ventilators?

What about words such as:

  • 5G
  • #Pizzagate
  • Genocide
  • Depopulation
  • One World
  • Cashless Society
  • Micro Chipping
  • DNA in Vaccines
  • Aborted babies DNA re-used
  • Pig Piss, Mercury
  • The Establishment
  • Weinstein
  • Epstein
  • Child Pornography
  • Sex Trafficking
  • Immune Compromised
  • Marshall Law

I don’t know about you, but I have many, many, many questions about these times that we are experiencing.

Don’t you?


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