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20 meal ideas for those that hate cooking

 It's quite ironic that I decided a few weeks ago to ease myself into the fad of meal planning. I was so sick of thinking of ideas of meals of what to make and Steve was no help as when i asked him,"what you want for dinner?" his answer was always" whatever you want". Grrrrrrrrrrr - uncommitted.

So one afternoon with a cup of some alcoholic description, i went into my think tank which is my brain, and wrote down my repertoire of meals that i know how to make. 

Now this will look different for every household. After scribbling away for some minutes, I realised that i actually can make quite a variety of meals quite well, without poisoning the family. 

Hate cooking

Before #IsoLyf took over, I had been quite a fan of click and collect either from Woolies or Coles when we lived in Melbourne. For whatever reason I stopped doing it since our tree-change to the farm which was quite silly as we now lived out of the main hub of Sunraysia and click and collect would have definitely kicked in this meal planning thing much earlier. 

So. My repertoire is as below:

Note: our Friday's are called "free for all Fridays" which means everyone can eat whatever they like for dinner and we don't sit at the dinner table.

  1. Spaghetti Bolognese
  2. Fried Rice ( mine is so much more epic than yours!) 
  3. Pumpkin Soup and Garlic Bread 
  4. Butter Chicken and Rice 
  5. Bangers and Mash 
  6. Burritos
  7. Potato Bake + Chicken + Veg
  8. Silverside + Mash+ Veg
  9. Carbonara Ravioli and Garlic Bread 
  10. Mushroom Stroganoff 
  11. Enchiladas 
  12. Macaroni & Cheese
  13. Slow ( or pressure cooked ) casserole with rice 
  14. Lasagne 
  15. Thai Green Curry 
  16. Meatballs in Tomato Sauce + Veg 
  17. Risotto 
  18. Curried Sausages 
  19. Frozen Pizzas 
  20. Frozen Battered Fish with Salad/Veg and Wedges 

I enjoyed another glass of some alcoholic description as I gazed over my glorious list of things i actually knew how to make and the family would actually eat and a guarantee that i wouldn't poison them. 

Now, to the shitful shopping list. 

I re-activated my online shopping account for Coles. The first online shop is annoying and tedious whereas the ones following are much easier as you can just pick and choose from saved lists of previous orders that you'd made. 

My list also included cereals, long life milk, toilet paper, dog and cat food ( you know, zoo!) as well as bread and school snacks. 

My total shop was $240.00

Note: check your pantry before you shop - you'd be amazed how much food is in there.

What we ordered


  • Nutrigrain ( Coles Brand ) x 3
  • Corn Flakes x1 
  • Long Life Full Cream Milk x12
  • Eggs 
  • Toilet Paper - Big packet  ( 2ply ) 
  • Dog and Cat Food ( Tins and Dry Food ) 
  • Grated Cheese 
  • Cream x3 
  • Sour Cream x2 
  • Butter 
  • Margarine 
  • Butter Chicken Jar 
  • Beef Stroganoff Jar 
  • Thai Green Curry 
  • Gravy 
  • Lasagne Sheets x2 
  • Burrito Kit
  • Enchilada Kit 
  • Spaghetti Sauce x 3 
  • Coconut Milk x 2 Cans 
  • Plain Square Crackers 
  • Round Dip Cracker 
  • Tea 
  • Juice boxes 
  • Snacks for lunch box 
  • Rasin Toast x4 
  • Multigrain Bread x2 
  • White Bread x3 
  • Garlic Bread x2 
  • Frozen Pizzas
  • Nuggets x 2 
  • Dim Sims 
  • Puff Pastry 
  • Bacon x2 Pack of Cooking Type 
  • Sausages x 3 
  • Chicken 2kg 
  • Silverside piece 
  • Beef Strips 0.5kg 
  • Meatballs pack from freezer 
  • Ravioli x 2 pack 
  • Beef chunk 0.5kg
  • Potatoes 5kg bag 
  • Rice 4kg
  • Pumpkin 
  • Tinned Pineapple 
  • Mushrooms 
  • Frozen Veggies - assorted x4 packs 

So that my friends is nearly three weeks worth or meals and a shitload of supplies. 

Tonight is Pumpkin soup with Garlic bread. 

What you having tonight?




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