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m.i.a and a bit of random shit

 Hello! How are you? My name is Cheryl, and I blog here {did blog here} on a bit of bliss and mayhem. I thought I had better reintroduce myself as it feels like an age since I came on here last and wrote a post.  Truth is, I lost my mojo for it over the last few weeks - on top of sick kids, work and everything else in between I just couldn't find the  inspiration to write, let alone anything that I would have written, would have been boring as fuck.  Sooooo... what's been happening with you? I haven't had a free weekend in FOREVER and am looking forward to our break to Bali in 11days, 19hours and 12minutes....just saying. And my melancholy seems to be lifting due to the Spring weather that has hit Melbourne. Thank god for SUN! I seem to function better with better weather. When winter hits - I seem to hibernate and my tollerance level is way down. I think I'm getting old.   So what's been happening with me? Heaps and nothing and all the in between. Now just im

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

  {image courtesy Pinterest} I'm sure all of you have got a few of these.  You know, those people that you could probably count on one hand that just are there no matter what?  Ok cool, so you know what I'm talking about now.  Well I'm pretty lucky on that front, as I have a handful ( about 4) of those people and believe me when I say it, THEY ARE A RARE FIND. {image courtesy Google} I've known her for nearly half my life - we met at work and from the first moment we started chatting we just clicked - you know that feeling that you've known eachother forever?  Yep, one of those moments. Well, she nearly died last week - Nearly FUCKING died! It felt like I had been punched in the stomach when I heard today. I started crying, feeling completely helpless as there was nothing that I could do.  Her husband and little kids must of been out of their mind watching her go into the back of an ambulance off to hospital -  REALLY REALLY SICK. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! She

I am addicted to your Blog

     photo courtesy Flikr credit  rosiekernohan When you enter into the blogging world it really is like how  Fat Mum Slim  says it "going down the rabbit hole". You can get lost and spend hours reading through fellow blogs, clicking through their blog roll list and getting deeper and deeper into the world of posts and updates.  I've always enjoyed reading and writing. Growing up I was what you would consider a "bookworm" with my head always in some novel, escaping into the world on the pages.  I loved jotting down ideas, a bit of poetry and stories and really got into it about 10years ago. Then kids happened. Then working full time happened. A mortgage. And I stopped. My little outlet took a back seat while I addressed Ethan's autism diagnosis when he was 2 years old and life got in the way. And years went past - not really having much time to scratch myself and  poof!  10 years just like that! Earlier this year, i started my  "rabbit hole&quo

I Heart Bali

    Did I mention that we are heading back to Bali in 77 days? To be specific 1838 hours. Can you tell that I'm a little excited!!??   This will be my 4th or 5th trip to Bali in recent years, and every time I get there, I'm already planning my next trip back. The people, the culture, shopping and relaxation - I get into a zen like feeling the minute that I land at the airport.   So you've never been to Bali but are thinking of going? All I can say is GO! It's 5.5 hours flight from Melbourne, a couple of movies on the plane and you are there. I love hot weather so it's right up my alley chilling in the heat, relxing by the pool, massages, food, shopping and more massages!      Here is my 5 min quick tip cheat sheet for your first visit:     Money    Change over a couple of hundred dollars at the airport in Australia to Rupiah - just enough so that you can get drinks, a meal and some massages when you arrive We always just take out debit card and use th

The Last Few Days

   The last few days have been shit – and that’s putting it lightly.   A couple of weeks ago, we had our lovely, awesome neighbours over for dinner – I actually attempted to cook something out of the ordinary, wanting to show my extensive cooking knowledge. Ha! Who was I kidding, I googled the recipe, (who knew Sage was a herb!) and decided on spatchcock thanks to Masterchef inspiration. I followed the recipe to the tee. You should have seen the kitchen 15 minutes before everyone was coming over – spatchcocks were out of the oven – fry pans city browning them off – mash potato going cold, oh yes this was an epic success! (Not)   A few bottles of wine and great conversation flowing, we ended up talking about being healthy (fitting as we were all happy and the wino was flowing), but something re-triggered in me about my health, sugar that we consume, the meals that we prepare and overall looking after ourselves.   If someone had of asked me a few years ago whether I truly thought

50 things about me

  A few months have passed now since i started my blog and i thought i'd share with you some facts that you may or may not know about me.  Alot of bloggers put a post up like this - so that we can give you a little insight to who we are, what we like and dont like and basically to share that we are just like you!  So here goes.. my 50 facts about me.   I LOVE Summer! And this is most probably at number 1 - because i have not felt my toes since i got out of bed this morning where i woke up to a freezing 3 degrees!  Coffee is my salvation! I love it, adore it, it makes everything a bit better I'm a Virgo - which apparently means that i should be super organised and a type A personality ( they really should review this after having children ) as Steve believes i've turned into a bit of a fairy since having kids! I was born with pneumonia I love reality tv - i know it's hard to admit it but i cant wait for little Jack to go to bed where i can then look up all my s

random meetings - my gumtree lady

  Ever since i had left home, i have loved buying and selling things. Whether that be furniture, appliances, clothes - i would get bored very quickly with stuff and in order to finance my new craze would "flip" the item - get some quick cash and gleefully go off and buy my new "forever" item, till the next time came and it would end up on site for sale. Recently we have been doing some extensive renovations in our house where Steve gutted and fitted in a kitchen over a weekend. Seriously, he is like an engeriser bunny! I have no idea where he gets the drive and stamina to do this! In light of "flipping" our kitchen ( yes, an ebay purchase! )... i was now in posession of an extra oven and dishwasher. So with my trusty phone and gumtree app - photos were taken, decription and price set - let's sell ths baby! I received a txt from Sarah - my potential buyer for my dishwasher - desperate to free up some of her time as she was a busy mum of 2 kids and t