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I think I'm doing this whole blogging thing wrong

     It has come to my attention that I've been doing this blog biz here now for two years. Two years peeps! Something that started out as a little outlet for me, a minimal outlay hobby, a space that I could "unload" has slowly but surely grown to become a real love and in sorts, a part of me.  I am, very proud of the work and writing that I have put up here. There have been times where my posts have been long, short, funny, informative. I have had consistent times of when i would put posts up and then go into lulls of "meh". Thing is, I think I've been doing it wrong here lately. Nearly every day at some point, an idea would pop into my head where I would think,  "Awesome! I'll write about that!", but fear has gotten the better of me. For some stupid reason, fear of what the billions , thousands , hundreds , okay only my friends will think of what I write here has given me stage fright. And if you knew me in "real life" THIS IS

Let's remember to be human

    What the last 12 months has taught me, is to appreciate the time we have. We never know when it will be up, and life, as we know should never be taken for granted.  I, You, We, live in world where everything is so fast paced. Technology is really at our fingertips, we are expected to be “on” and all over it ALL THE TIME. And don’t get me wrong. I have shit days. I get angry, I get annoyed and overwhelmed. I look at the constant pile of washing and dishes and menial crap that I have to do everyday and just moan. I want to sometimes run into my bathroom, lock the door and just sit, cry and block out the noise. Life is just hard sometimes hey?   But. Watch this. Some of the wisest words I have heard.    

The thing that keeps me going..

      I had three different people ask me yesterday if I was okay. Three. I must be sending out this vibe without even know it – that not all is well with Cheryl. The last few posts I have had a standard moan at the moment of feelings of overwhelms, tiredness and basically at my tether with adulting. Can there really be a point of not being able to adult? I don’t know. Most days, I awake and take in that deep breath to start the day that I know will be another hectic one. Most days, I smile in the face of this and really try, like really try to get on with it. I don’t want to give more fuel to the fire of lostness that I already feel. But this hill, which feels like a mountain and I am the ant seems to be getting higher and higher, I can’t even get my legs to stand me up so I can start the long walk to the top  Maybe its just that time of year – where Summer brings out that beautiful buzz of activity. Where the days are longer, the sun is out and it is the season where it is “

Gotta love a good laugh

    Image via Pinterest    According to the World Wide Web authority on EVERYTHING, laughter helps a lot. Google says, “ Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cell and infection –fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals.” Oh give me more of that! And I loooovveee a good laugh, you know the ones where you start snorting and have to hope to God that your pelvic floor does not fail you? They are the absolute bomb. Two videos came up on my feed this week that got my giggles on. And when giggles are on I have to share.       And..... for all the parents out there:       To more laughing I say!     

When my own overwhelm becomes boring

     I just can’t at the moment. Or more specifically, I don’t want to. Everything and anything has crept up on me to face me full frontal and I have felt overwhelmingly heavy, with anxiety just on the edge at all times waiting to rear its ugly head. I don’t do anything extraordinary day in, day out. My tasks during the day are not ground breaking stuff. My to-do list isn’t earth shattering; I’m not solving world peace or a cure for cancer. But. This mothering, full-time working, running a home, getting food on the table, fucking WASHING, bills to pay and basically sort all the shit has gotten the better of me of late and that silver lining glow is a very dim, very dim light that has been so hard to see that is has become illusive. And I’ve actually become quite bored with my own internal complaining. The more I think about the “heap” the more bogged down I seem to get. The light at the end of the tunnel is no closer to step through, so I wont digress anymore for now as my own

Easy Peasy Berry Delight Desert

  {recipe by mwah #NotAFoodBlogger}   I’m no chef. I’d like to think of myself as a person that has learnt over time to appreciate cooking. I used to burn vegetables and meals all the time! One night I was craving desert. I couldn’t be bothered getting back in the car after just getting home from a full day out, so my mind went straight to scavenging what I had as in supplies in the cupboards. If you are time poor like me but after a quick desert fix that looks pretty special, this is for you! EASY PEASY BERRY DELIGHT DESERT {Serves 4}   What you need:  1 square of frozen puff pastry Handful of frozen or fresh berries for each puff square Honey { to drizzle over } Icing sugar Cream or Ice-cream on the side   Method   Pre-heat over to 180 degrees Pull out one sheet of puff pastry from the freezer and place on your kitchen bench to thaw out for a few minutes. When it is soft, cut the large square into 4 smaller squares. Line baking tray with baking paper Place 4 sq

Love is Love

      It is so easy to get yourself worked up about the little stuff. When I get into that head-space it compounds and compounds. It really makes it hard to get some perspective. I had a lovely weekend away with my family. We jumped into the car, bags packed and cruised up the highway to Bendigo. My goodness, Victoria is beautiful. Raw, country paddocks, hot breeze against my face was the best medicine. It was exactly what I needed after a week of bleh…. I need to admit something to you all as well. I’m in love with someone. His name is NETFLIX! { Oh Netflix, always reliable, interesting and on demand} . What more could a girl ask for  With boys in bed, I curled up on the couch for a date with my man. {The man, being Netflix}. I’m a sucker at the moment for documentaries so I scrolled through the latest to pick out my watch for the night. I came across one called “Bridegroom”. The synopsis was, “ Shane Bitney Crone’s plans to marry Tom Bridegroom in California after the same-sex